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Senator Joe Donnelly opposes repeal of ObamaCare

(Photo Supplied/Joe Donnelly)

WASHINGTON, D.C. (NETWORK INDIANA): While future Vice President Mike Pence is expected to start work with Republicans in Congress to take ObamaCare apart, Senator Joe Donnelly (D-Ind.) said in a video released Wednesday that he will not support the effort.

“I’ve long said that the health care law is not perfect and I’ve offered many ways we can improve it,” Donnelly said. “I’ve been willing to work with anyone, Republican or Democrat, to improve the health care system in our country. What I won’t do is to support any effort that would create chaos in the insurance marketplace, increasing premiums, and taking away insurance from over 20 million Americans.”

The plan by Republicans is to dismantle the Affordable Care Act in chunks, replacing those chunks with new strategies. But, Donnelly said he believes Republicans have no real plan, going forward, at this point.

“We know the health care law has expanded coverage to millions of Americans,” he said. “In Indiana, more than 400,000 Hoosiers currently have health insurance coverage, thanks to the Affordable Care Act.”

Donnelly said he believes the repeal effort would yank that coverage away.

He said he wants Republicans to join with Democrats in looking at alternatives. President Obama was expected to meet with Democrats on Wednesday to strategies on how to keep the repeal from happening.

At the same time, Donnelly praised Pence for the Healthy Indiana Plan, a health savings account plan that he says has improved health care in Indiana.

“Under the health care law, Governor Pence established the HIP 2.0 program, which provided insurance to over 200,000 Hoosiers, a program that’s been critical to our collective effort to address opioid abuse and heroin use in our state,” said Donnelly.

But, he did not endorse that program or its style as a possible alternative to the ACA.


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Dr. Don Rhudy January 4, 2017 at 1:57 pm

This demonstrates what a fool Donnelly is, and what an abject devotee to the National Democratic Party (a party of Marxists, Fascists, and plain traitors) he is. He says he wants to keep people from paying through the nose for care, yet that is exactly what Obamacare does: causes them to pay through the nose under a penalty, and for nothing.

If you elect a Democrat you elect a fool, a Marxist, a Fascist, and/or a plain America-hating traitor.

Joel Wright January 5, 2017 at 7:29 am

Donnelly said before and just after his election to the senate that he would do what was in the best interests of the people of Indiana, not the party. This is ample proof that he lied to the people of Indiana and will do what he is “TOLD” to do by the party bosses. Donnelly is like most politicians, a slave to party bosses, not the people who elected him to office. Last session he voted for four gun control bills that were introduced at the same time and was the only senator that voted for all four even though he said he would not violate the 2nd amendment in anyway shape or form. Again, he caved to the party bosses…. just another controlled senator that works for the party, not for the people he represents.


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