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Synthetic Drug Called N-Bomb Can be Deadly to Kids

INDIANAPOLIS (AP): A drug that mimics LSD, which dealers purchase over the Internet and teens spread the word about by talking and texting, is killing some young people.
       Jeanine Motsay's 16-year old son, Sam, died last month after taking the drug known as N-Bomb. She says it's poison. The drug is also blamed for the March death of 18-year-old John Joseph Romaine of Fishers.
       The Drug Enforcement Administration says dealers buy N-Bomb from China, put it on blotter paper and sell it to young people who don't know how dangerous it can be. It's been blamed for more than 20 deaths since March 2012.
       N-Bomb is among a series of synthetics made to mimic the effects of illegal drugs. The formulas are changed often, making it difficult to pass laws against them.

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