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The Case of Suspended Indianapolis Officer David Bisard Continued Today

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): The drunken driving case of a suspended Indianapolis police officer continued today in Allen Superior Court.

Suspended officer David Bisard is accused of a drunken driving crash that killed one motorcycle rider and injured two others.

In testimony this afternoon David Bisard's case gained a big boost when emergency responders said he didn't appear drunk when they dealt with him at the scene of the crash. The defense is trying to make the case that the suspended officer wasn't drunk and evidence he had a blood-alcohol level of .16 was mishandled and not reliable.   

Later in the afternoon, jurors heard George Burt recreate the events of the fatal crash. Prosecution crafted the testimony to show the group of four motorcyclists, who were seasoned riders that followed the rules of the road.  Burt told of sirens being within earshot, he added that he saw the squad car lights, and then heard a “bang.” After that, in his own words, he described the scene as a “a tornado of bodies.” At points the witness appeared shaken and near tears. 

The prosecutor used the “tornado” term about a half dozen times in the 90 minute testimony.  The prosecutor also asked the seriously injured riders, Kurt Weekly and Mary Wells, if they were the same as they were before the crash three years ago, Weekly replied no. Then Burt was asked the same question and his response was the same, “no.”

The case was moved to Fort Wayne after extreme pre-trial publicity in Indianpolis.

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