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UPDATE: Stacey Page Online Working as Informant for Bounty Hunters

KOSCIUSCKO COUNTY, Ind. (WOWO): New details have been released into a recent Cromwell shooting that involved three bounty hunters and a local news blogger.

The Kosciusko County Sheriff's Department released a report earlier this week that detailed how a local reporter was involved in the attempted arrest of a Cromwell man.

On August 25th, the bounty hunters were attempting to serve a warrant on 56-year-old Gary Helman at a home on Doswell Drive in Cromwell. That's when Helman and his twin brother, 56-year-old Larry Helman of Syracuse, exchanged gunfire with the bounty hunters. They were later identified as 33-year-old Tad Martin of Osceola, 43-year-old Daniel Foster of LaPoerte and 36-year-old Michael Thomas of Osceola.

Gary Helman was killed and his brother Larry was injured. One of the bounty hunters, Martin, was also wounded during the shootout.

After further investigation police learned that the hunters had started working on the Helman case approximately two months before the incident. During that time, Foster and Martin, had been getting information from a blogger named Stacey Staley, a Warsaw reporter who writes for staceypageonline.com. Foster said that Martin was the only person who had direct contact with Staley by phone. Foster said the plan was for Staley to do an interview with Gary Helman, verifying that he was in his residence. Foster said once it was confirmed, through Staley, they started watching Gary Helman's home. 

The following is directly from the incident report issued by the Kosciusko County Sheriff's Department:

Daniel Foster said the plan was for Stacey, identified as Stacey “Page” Staley, to do an interview with Gary Helman, verifying that Gary Helman was in the residence. Daniel Foster said after they had established, through Stacey, that they would apprehend Gary Helman. Daniel Foster said they started watching the Helman residence around 3:00 p.m. and the reporter, Stacey, was in the residence from approximately 3:30 to 5:00 p.m. . Once Stacey came out from the interview she left. Stacey texted Tadd Martin information verifying that Gary Helman was in the residence and identified what all 3, Gary Helman, Larry Helman, and the mother were wearing. Daniel Foster said that they moved in closer to the residence. Daniel Foster said he was toward the south east corner of the Helman residence and Tadd Martin and Michael Thomas was on the north side. Daniel Foster said Tadd Martin had the reporter, Stacey, call the Helman home phone and talk to Gary Helman, to again establish he was inside the residence. Daniel Foster said Tadd Martin radioed him and Michael Thomas and said Stacey had called the home phone and Gary Helman answered.Daniel Foster said Tadd Martin radioed him to go to the front door, start beating on it, and yell warrant over and over. 

On August 26th, an officer went to the hospital to interview Martin, but Martin was still in surgery and was not able to be interviewed.

The investigation continues with no charges yet filed.



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