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Pro-Choice advocates: lawmakers using disabled as pawns

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Indiana News Service): Legislation in Indiana would bar doctors from performing abortions for women who want them because the fetus has a genetic abnormality such as Down Syndrome, or because of the race, color, national origin, ancestry, or sex of the fetus. The legislation passed this session and is on the governor’s desk.

Kim Dodson, executive director of ARC of Indiana, an organization that advocates for the rights of children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, said that normally ARC would stay out of politics. However, she said, she feels that lawmakers are using the disabled as pawns.

“That’s where I really got disgusted ’cause I really felt like people with disabilities were being exploited and used to move forward an organization’s political agenda,” she said, “not based on facts, but because they want to let this conservative religious values in the Legislature.”

Gov. Mike Pence has stressed his opposition to abortion.

The bill also requires a woman to listen to the fetal heartbeat 18 hours before an abortion and requires that women who undergo the procedure pay for the burial or cremation of the fetus.

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