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Allen County Officials Increasing Patrols for Thanksgiving

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO) The Allen County Traffic Safety Partnership (Fort Wayne, Allen County and New Haven Police Departments) announced today it will increase patrols for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday travel period – running November 13 through December 6, 2015. Officers will join more than 250 state and local law enforcement agencies, to conduct high-visibility patrols encouraging drivers and passengers to drive sober, and buckle up for safety.

“The Thanksgiving holiday period is an extremely busy time travel time in Indiana” said Lt. Tony Maze of the Fort Wayne PD. “Our focus is on keeping drivers and passengers safe, and increased patrols will allow us to look for those intoxicated drivers, or those unrestrained, and remind them, buckle up and drive sober. Because if we do see you unbelted, or suspected you’ve been drinking, we will pull you over.”

Increased enforcement during the Thanksgiving Holiday period is an annual statewide effort supported by federal funding allocated to Allen County TSP from the Traffic Safety division of the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute (ICJI). Officers will work overtime to conduct sobriety patrols, and seat belt patrols around the clock.

According to ICJI, in November 2014, there were 520 alcohol-related crashes across Indiana, resulting in 235 injuries and 3 fatalities. Additionally, in the same month, crash reports indicate 276 accidents involved a driver or a passenger unrestrained, resulting in 303 injuries and 15 fatalities.

Further, vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for kids between the ages of 8 and 15. For families with young children, it’s important to have a properly installed child safety seat or booster seat for each child. Parents can visit www.childseat.in.gov for a list of locations and a toll-free phone number to speak with experts about the proper installation of child safety seats.

“Keeping our drivers and passengers safe during increased travel times are a priority for us in the State of Indiana,” said ICJI Director Dave Murtaugh. “Both driving unimpaired and buckling up saves lives, and we will continue to strengthen our partnerships and efforts to make Indiana roadways the safest in our country.”

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