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City of Fort Wayne asking for public’s help in River Greenway dumping

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO) – The City of Fort Wayne is seeking information from the public regarding illegal dumping along the River Greenway.

Our partners in news at 21Alive say a resident reported finding 15 55-gallon drums along the River Greenway in Foster Park.

Police found the drums empty.

Solid Waste Manager Matt Gratz says illegal dumping has been an ongoing problem in the city.

He told 21Alive that his department responds to at least one or two cases of illegal dumping each week.

A $2,500 fine faces anyone who’s caught illegally dumping.

Anyone with information on the barrels that were left in Foster Park is asked to contact the Solid Waste Department at 311.

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Brooklyne Beatty

1 comment

brettt December 6, 2023 at 4:26 pm

2-3 times a week?

1. What is wrong with people, that they can’t take care of their own waste?
Waste removal is not that expensive. And if it is, you need to look at how you are operating your personal finaces.

2. Can’t the City of Fort Wayne put up some sort of camera surveillance along the areas most prevalent to this disposal?
As the march of time pushes on, much of this technology has become Affordable & Better!
One would think that the city would have the ability to monitor these areas for criminal dumping.

3. Is there no evidence to trace back to the dimwits that did this?
Traces of what was dumped? This could determine how they will dump again.
Container origin tracing? One would think that with 15 barrels, you might find some bits of information..

4. Wouldn’t someone that couldn’t afford proper waste disposal be interested in cashing in on the drums, too?
Unless they were fiber drums, one ought to be able to gain a couple dollars at OMNISource for 15 drums.

Something wrong with “people” that deliberately contaminate the land & water, for their own personal gain.
I hope the degenerate/s are caught, and their practice shut down.


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