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Fort Wayne man charged with felony in harassment of Congressman Banks

Photo Supplied/Allen County Sheriff's Department

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (Whitney Downard/Indiana Capital Chronicle): The Indiana State Police charged a Fort Wayne man with intimidation and harassment of Congressman Jim Banks after he allegedly threatened the elected representative and his family.

Aaron L. Thompson, born in 1989, called Banks’ office at least eight times — once on April 6 and seven times on April 11 — and left several threatening messages, according to a probable cause filing obtained by the Indiana Capital Chronicle.

Intimidation is a Level 6 felony in Indiana and harassment is a Class B misdemeanor.

In an interview with the United States Capitol Police, Thompson admitted to being intoxicated and calling Banks because he disagreed with his political views. In his messages, Thompson said he owned a gun as allowed by the Constitution and told Banks to choose between himself or his daughters, according to the June 2 filing.

“Here’s the choice. Your daughters grow up without their dad or you grow old without your daughters,” Thompson allegedly said. “… boom, boom you pick …”

To Banks specifically, Thompson said he hoped the representative died in a car crash or “(got) his brains blown out,” in an expletive-filled series of messages.

He was arrested Friday and the Allen County Superior Court scheduled an initial hearing for today.

In a statement, Banks said, “The safety of my family is my top priority. I’ve been instructed to refer all questions about the ongoing criminal investigation to the Allen County Prosecutor’s Office.”

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Throw the book at this Left-wing terrorist June 6, 2023 at 10:26 am

The blame is on the lying National Media (ABC/NBC/CBS/CNN/WaPo/NYT..etc.) and the very devisive rhetoric of the Democrats with how they constantly Lie, falsely label and attach Republicans.

Democrats are acting very disgustingly and this just adds to the very long list of examples of the result of their attacks….I’m just grateful another left-wing terrorist was caught before he acted and Jim Banks and his family are safe!!

Lets see if Kamala Harris or some Left wing extremist organization like the ACLU comes to this violent Leftist’s rescue.

TRe3B4RK June 6, 2023 at 1:17 pm

When a Follower can’t decipher “right” from “wrong”, the influence of a Spokesperson has the potential to create a monster.
Society has created this current political condition, with our interconnectivity.
People spend less time researching both sides, of a story, because there are so many sources out there to pander to the appetite for the disillusioned. We get lost in the balance of news articles, and the people that turn them into stories, rather than facts.

For the unreasonable, the media “storytellers” can fan the flames of the far left, and likewise the furthest of the right.

Extremists will never be someone i can tolerate.
If one can’t be somewhat moderate, then one will never understand where the other side is coming from. That one, will ALWAY be responsible for the divide.

So, while it is great to have caught someone with a POTENTIAL to do harm, there is a lot of damage to undo. The Moderate Republicans have a long way to go to wash away the stigmatisation of thousands of rioters whom stormed, inflicted damage to both people and property, and helped facilitate an evil caricature ..of the ONCE Grand Old Party.

Nothing to see here. Republicans are Evil, not Democrats!!! June 6, 2023 at 3:31 pm

Great Reply!!!…Just some guy thinking about doing something…. Nevermind the Left-wing violence against Republicans throughout the last 6 years or even the out of control violence in various Blue Cities. No big deal….Nothing to see here!!!!

“ONCE Grand Old Party” with that statement, you must really be against the Democrats…they have been fighting against freedom since the 1828…pro slavery, formed the KKK, Jim Crow laws, against Women’s right to vote, against the Civil Rights act, pro-entitlement=pro-dependency…to name a few…One way to remedy this [ONCE GOP] is to get rid of all the RINOs and Moderate Republicans to get back to pro-freedom, pro-Constitution political party. But I’m Sure you know the Democrat’s History, right? LOL

“That one, will ALWAY be responsible for the divide” Did you ever see Elon Musk’s sketch on why he left the Democrat Party….Democrats moving far Left while Republicans have stayed the same ideologically…ring a bell?…so what is an extremist of each side?….Republicans are grounded in the Constitution, what are Democrats grounded in…Fantasy, Evil, hating Republicans?

“Moderate Republicans…stigmatisation of thousands of rioters whom stormed” You can’t seriously be referring to the Hollywood production of January 6th with capital police letting people in and guiding them around the building, then ignore the Billions in damage, people murdered and government buildings taken over during the “Summer of Love”….or the more recent having various State Capitol building being over run be Violent Leftists…. If you are going to point to Jan6th and not acknowledge the FACTS then you must enjoy the “storytellers”

Michael June 6, 2023 at 3:34 pm

Well said

Shannon June 6, 2023 at 3:44 pm

Amen! Well written Tre3B4RK.

Democrat slavery June 6, 2023 at 11:15 pm

The common response from fellow left wingers when one of their own acts violently is a shoulder shrug and a “January 6th” reference, illustrating how the left lacks any morals and independent thinking. They apparently “think” that Violence by the left assumed to be justified.

Democrats are quickly becoming viewed as the party of morally absent violent cry babies guided by a mob. Certainly not the party of tolerence compassion and inclusive as sold only a few years back. And don’t go against your mob otherwise they will eat you. Time to wakeup, or continue to be a mind numb slave.


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