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House Republicans Caucus to Select Leadership; Stutzman Gaining Support

WASHINGTON (WOWO): Third District Congressman Marlin Stutzman makes his bid today for the number-three spot in House leadership.

House Republicans are caucusing this afternoon to select a new majority whip to replace California‘s Kevin McCarthy, who‘s expected to move up to majority leader following the defeat of Eric Cantor in his Virginia primary.

Stutzman is one of three candidates for the post, along with Republican Conference Chairman Steve Scalise of Louisiana and chief deputy whip Peter Roskam of Illinois. Stutzman has sought to position himself as the most conservative of the three candidates, and a chance for the rightmost wing of the party to have a voice in leadership.

If no one gets a majority on the first ballot, whoever‘s in last place is dropped from consideration. Analysts in Washington have said Stutzman appears to be gaining support from members dissatisfied with the other two, but may not be gaining fast enough to reach a second ballot.

If that‘s how it plays out, where Stutzman‘s voters go will determine who wins.

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