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Ober Proposed Legislation to End Straight-Ticket Voting

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (WOWO): The House Elections and Apportionment Committee is considering a bill which would eliminate straight ticket voting.

The bill‘s author, Rep. David Ober of Albion, says the bill would eliminate the option to vote for every candidate in a political party by selecting one button on the ballot. He says voters could still select every candidate in a party but would have to select them individually instead of in one fell swoop. Ober says he doesn‘t think this bill would discourage people from voting, noting they still have to go through the entire ballot before casting it anyway.

He also says it would encourage people to make more informed decisions about specific candidates instead of blindly voting for one party. Another part of the bill would allow a candidate to withdraw from the ballot by September 1. Under current law, the deadline is July 15.

The vacancy left by a candidate withdrawal must also be filled by September 1. Opponents argue that extension may not give county clerks enough time to get their ballots ready for early and absentee voting.

This comes after former Rep. Eric Turner announced his resignation from the House after the deadline had already passed last year. Because of that, Turner remained on the ballot, was reelected and then resigned after being sworn in. The Republican caucus then chose Turner‘s successor. The committee could vote on the bill as early as next week.

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