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President of Allen County Council issues statement regarding controversial comments

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ALLEN COUNTY, Ind. (WOWO) – A statement has been issued by the president of the Allen County Council regarding the controversial comments made by fellow council member Larry Brown on Thursday, June 18.

Allen County Council President Joel Benz said “I have known Councilman Larry Brown for years. I know him to be a good-hearted person, and a hard-working public servant. But that neither explains nor excuses what he said at the Council table on Thursday. His comments, especially juxtaposed with those of Councilwoman Campbell-Curry about the challenges faced by African-Americans today, are indefensible and inexplicable. They run strongly against the values of the citizens of Allen County, the members of County Council and of the Republican Party. Councilman Brown must find an immediate and tangible way to make amends for what he said during Thursday’s meeting. He deserves an opportunity to decide on his own, exactly what he will do in order to accomplish that. In the meantime, I have asked the county legal team to explore the possibility of censure for Mr. Brown by the County Council.”

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Lyle June 20, 2020 at 4:59 pm

Has anyone considered that there may be those of us who agree with his remarks?? At the risk of offending some, I say that if the world has come to a point that we cannot express our selves, then we have a lot bigger problem than racism! This is a world that was created for all of us, not just those of the “right colot” and if one has the right to express him or her self, that we all do. Get off his back and quit looking for something to complain about!!



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