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Rumored Suicide Pact Among Garrett Middle School Students

By Rachel Martin

GARRETT, Ind. (www.incnow.tv) – Rumors are surfacing of a possible “suicide pact” among students at Garrett Middle School.

Parents are both confused and concerned as they say they heard nothing from school officials about a rumored “suicide pact” among a group of students at Garrett Middle School.

INC News went to Garrett Thursday night and spoke with parents who say they heard the pact involves a group of students who have less-than-ideal home lives. One mother says she found out through her kids.

“They’re helping each other try and commit suicide if there’s a need, if they feel it’s necessary. It’s the quiet ones that nobody would suspect. Kids that do really good in school,” said one mother.

Parents say at least two students have attempted suicide—one by swallowing hundreds of pills, but parents say both were unsuccessful in their attempts and are recovering.

Parents went on to say as part of the “pact” students would take turns attempting suicide and even helped each other do it by bringing in the pills.

“They encourage them to do things. They bring things in for them to take at school or at home,” she said.

The mother thinks the school should’ve notified parents.

“I think they should make it a little more known to parents to watch out. You know, like with all these little drug things that go on that parents may not know about—like huffing paint or the ready whip cans that they were getting high off of. Make it known to parents so parents can watch out and make sure their kids are okay,” she said.

Garrett-Keyser-Butler Community School District Superintendent Dr. Dennis Stockdale released a statement saying:
“Recently, we received reports about a possible suicide pact among a few students at Garrett Middle School. We are conducting an ongoing investigation and have interviewed over 30 students and parents. To this date, we are unable to substantiate the rumor of a suicide pact. However, we take these rumors very seriously and will continue to investigate any information we receive about possible hard to students. We are working with local law enforcement and counselors from the Northeastern Center regarding this issue. I encourage anyone with information to please contact the school or law enforcement.”

INC News also contacted Garrett Police. Police Chief Keith Hefner told INC there is no active investigation and there have been no suicides or suicide attempts in the past week. He says the department did not receive a release about the incident either.

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