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Super lice cases increasing in 25 states, including Indiana

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INDIANAPOLIS (WOWO): This kind of news may have you scratching your head.

Cases of ‘super lice’ are increasing in at least 25 states, including Indiana. Here’s what you need to know about the unwelcome friends your child might be bringing home from school–a new ultra-strain of lice has become resistant to most commercial lice shampoos.

Dr. Michael McKenna, pediatrician at Indiana University Health, says if you’re using an over the counter treatment, consider applying it a second time. Head lice is common among children thanks to close contact and sharing personal items so children are advised to not share personal items like hats, hoodies, blankets, or pillows.

Doctors also agree that having lice doesn’t mean a child is “dirty.” Kids are most likely to spread lice around, but anyone with hair can get them.

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