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USDA Battling Bird Droppings

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (WOWO): If you are heading to  downtown Indianapolis over the next few months, you may hear some unusual sounds.  It's an effort to do away with, bird doo-doo.

The USDA Wildlife Services will be using pyrotechnics and other techniques to keep birds such as starlings and crows from forming communal roosts in the downtown area. Wildlife biologist Dan Young says those roosts can cause structural problems to buildings as well as sanitation issues with an increased accumulation of droppings. The birds also tend to drive out native species and compete for nesting spaces with songbirds.

Crews will use lasers to get the birds out of the area as well as two types of pyrotechnics which will make loud shrill sounds and booms. The USDA Wildlife Services is asking businesses in downtown Indianapolis to let customers, residents and employees know what these sounds mean so as not to cause a panic.

Young says for the first few months the sounds should stop an hour or two before dark each day. But once the crows start to arrive, crews may need to keep going a little after dark. This is the eighth year this project has been done in Indianapolis.

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