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Video accuses FWCS of having “COVID rooms,” FWCS responds

Photo Supplied/Fort Wayne Community Schools

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): An area parent is raising concerns over how Fort Wayne Community Schools are handling students with possible illnesses.

Amanda Tokos posted a video to social media saying she was told by an anonymous FWCS employee that the school district has been placing students that display signs of illness into what she called a “COVID room,” alongside other students with similar symptoms, with no supervision. She also expressed concern about a lack of air conditioning in several FWCS buildings:

A WOWO producer reached out to FWCS for comment, and received the following statement from Public Information Officer Krista Stockman:

“Nearly everything the video claims is false. All of our schools have a separate area where students who come to school with COVID symptoms are treated. This separate space keeps these students away from those who are going to the nurse’s clinic for daily medications, ice packs or other issues. Students typically do not stay in these rooms long. At Waynedale, it is usually about 15-20 minutes until their parents pick them up. Sick students do not ride the bus home. So far this year, Waynedale has had only a few students use the room while waiting for their parents, and they were not all waiting at once.”

“FWCS – like many entities – has turned off drinking fountains to reduce the spread of COVID-19. There are bottle-filling stations in every building. At Waynedale, there are 4 such stations. Students have bottles and are allowed to fill them at any time.”

“Unfortunately, Waynedale is hot, and last week, particularly so. Waynedale is among the last of our buildings to receive air conditioning. It should be installed and turned on by next fall.”

Regarding Tokos’ assertion that the “COVID rooms” are being monitored via “baby monitors,” Stockman added: “When monitors are used it is because the “Covid room” is separate from the nurse’s clinic. It might be next door or across the hall, but it is nearby. These rooms are not on opposite sides of the building or on different floors. The nurse and others check on any students in the room, but when they are not physically in the room, they have the monitor, which has both audio and video.”

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Mrs.K September 10, 2021 at 2:45 pm

I don’t know if it’s sheer stupidity or purely brazen to repeat information you don’t even attempt to vet for yourself, let alone for an audience you are addressing on social media. This third party alarmist did a disservice to Waynedale Elementary, its staff and students as well as FWCS. And for what?! Admittedly she’s not even a party to this school or district. Stay in your lane, lady!


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