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Where does the city of Fort Wayne take the leaves?

(Photo Supplied / Public Works and City Utilities)

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): Each fall, the city of Fort Wayne collects about 22,000 tons of leaves. Have you ever wondered where the leaves go?

The leaves goes to a bio-solids facility.

“We have a bio-solids facility, which is about 400 acres that people sometimes see when they are driving across the Maplecrest bridge,” Director of Public Information for the Division of Public Works and City Utilities Frank Suarez said. “The leaves are taken there.”

After the leaves are taken to the facility, they are mixed with other things from the treatment plant. The leaves then compound into a good fertilizer that can be used by Fort Wayne residents, but it takes about two year until the leaves will be a good fertilizer.

But, Suarez said there will be amounts ready for the spring when people want to place the rich and nutrient material on their plants or gardens.

(Photo Supplied / Public Works and City Utilities)
(Photo Supplied / Public Works and City Utilities)

“It is a very high concentrated, rich nutrient and we are a Class A plant, which means it is safe and everything is tested before it goes out.   

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