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More and More Signs Popping Up that Violate the City’s Ordinance

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): As we get closer to the November elections, more and more signs are popping up in locations that violate the City of Fort Wayne's right of way ordinance.

According to city leaders, ordinance G-20-07 makes it illegal to place any non-authorized signs within the public right of way. The ordinance also allows for the immediate destruction of any illegally placed signs, without notice.

Campaign signs are not an allowable exception to this ordinance. 

The right-of-way areas which must remain “sign-free” include:

· All interstates and their interchanges.

· All intersections where at least one local, state or federal road intersects with a state or federal highway.

· All rights-of-way paralleling federal or state highways.

· Where right-of-way is not clearly marked, it may be estimated as the back of the ditch, to the fence line or up to utility poles.

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