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Pierre’s Shooting Investigation: Update


Stabbing Victim:             Loyall, Jermaine J., age 29, Fort Wayne; condition update not available.


Shooting Victims:           Loyall, Latasha N., age 27, Fort Wayne; condition update not available.

                                    Loyall, Dominic E., age 22, Fort Wayne; condition update not available.

                                    Conwell, Lashanda S., age 31, Fort Wayne; condition update not available.


Arrested:                       Braster, Jakwan D., age 18, Fort Wayne;

Charge(s):                     Minor Consuming


Arrested:                       Chappell, Alfonso L., age 27, Fort Wayne;

Charge(s):                     Resisting Law Enforcement Fleeing Vehicle


Arrested:                       Jackson, Traneilous L., age 24, Fort Wayne;

Charge(s):                     Aggravated Battery

                                    Criminal Recklessness with a Firearm

                                    Possession of a Firearm by a Felon


Updated Report: Braster, Chappell, and Jackson were occupants in a white-colored Ford Crown Victoria identified as the suspect vehicle in the shooting incident.  A fourth occupant of that vehicle was also detained, and that individual was later released.  There is nothing further at this time.  This incident remains under investigation with the City of Fort Wayne Police Department, and the Allen County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office.


Original Report: On September 9, 2012 at 2:58 AM Officers responded to 5629 St. Joe Rd (Pieres) in reference to a disturbance. An altercation occurred inside Pieres where an adult male was stabbed.  Medics made the scene and rendered treatment.  Medics were transporting the victim in stable condition to a local hospital, while being followed by a black chevy impala occupied by the victim’s friends and family. 


During the course of the transport at 2200 St. Joe Center Rd., a white passenger car with tinted windows opened fire on the black chevy impala and the TRAA ambulance.  All three occupants of the black impala were shot and diverted course to the Marathon at Coldwater and Washington Center where they were met by medical personnel.  All three occupants were in stable condition.  The Ambulance received multiple shots as the white vehicle targeted the ambulance while speeding passed it opening fire.  The white vehicle then turned off.  A medic in the ambulance was injured when the shrapnel from the broken glass being shot out cut his arm.  The Medic was in fair condition.


The ambulance was being driven by a Firefighter who was able to give an accurate vehicle description and direction of travel.  The suspect vehicle was later located by a County Unit who attempted to stop the vehicle.  The vehicle fled and a pursuit ensued.  The vehicle was apprehended at Jefferson and Fairfield.  The four suspects who were in the vehicle were placed in custody.


Multiple crime scenes are being processed.  Potential witnesses are being interviewed along with the victims and suspects.  This incident remains under investigation by the City of Fort Wayne Police Department and the Allen County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office.


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