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Selling a Car? Watch for a New Telemarketing Scam

INDIANA, (WOWO): A new telemarketing scam is targeting people selling their cars.

The scenario: You want to sell your car for a fair price, so you place an ad on a community website. Shortly thereafter, you get a call from what sounds like an auto company. For a small fee, they promise to put you in touch with a buyer. If your car isn't sold, they also promise to refund your money.

The catch? The claims are false. There are no buyers, and no refunds. It's just another scam designed to bilk consumers.  Therefore, the Fort Wayne Police Department has released some tips to help you steer clear of telemarketing scams related to selling your car:

·                 Resist making an immediate decision when someone cold calls you in response to an ad you placed. Scam telemarketers are likely to use high-pressure tactics to get you give them money.

·                 Research a company before paying a fee for their service. Go online and use a search engine to find out what the company track record is. Look for any complaints that might signal a red flag.

·                 Get the specifics of the service you're paying for in writing. Ask for a copy of the company policy and terms of the service on paper, and make sure you read and understand the fine print before agreeing to it or signing anything.

·                 Register your home and mobile phone numbers with the National Do Not Call Registry. Although it won’t stop all unsolicited telemarketing calls, it will stop most. If your number is on the registry and you still get calls, they're likely to be from scammers ignoring the law.

·                 Report fraud. If you suspect a company is scamming you after having promised a service and not delivering, file a complaint with the FTC.

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