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Teen Responsible For Noblesville School Shooting Released To His Parents

NOBLESVILLE, Ind (WOWO) – A teenage boy who investigators say is responsible for the shooting at Noblesville West Middle School in 2018 is being released to his parents, but a judge says there are conditions he must meet.

That ruling was made Wednesday at a court in Hamilton County.

He is due back in court again, however, December 19, 2023 for a review hearing. The court says they tried to find him a suitable residential care facility, but his application was denied at three separate locations.

The judge said he must meet the following conditions when he’s with his parents:

  • Cannot be on any school property
  • Must notify courts and probation of address change
  • No weapons
  • No unsupervised electronics
  • Random searches of devices
  • Curfew of 10p.m. to sunrise (11p.m. on Friday and Saturday)
  • One hour of electronic entertainment
  • No contact with victim
  • No social media
  • GPS monitoring
  • Probation GPS monitoring until 21 years old
  • Parents must report any violations or violence

Police say when he was 13, he shot a teacher and a classmate at Noblesville West Middle School. The teacher, Jason Seaman, cut the shooting short when he tackled the shooter and pinned him to the ground. Both Seaman and the girl survived.

He was placed in a juvenile detention facility with the plan for him to be released when he turned 18. That didn’t happen, though, because the staff at the facility said he committed battery on a case manager.

His legal team has argued that he will make a better transition into society if he’s placed on home detention.

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