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Water, Rest, and Shade are Key to Beat the Heat

INDIANA, (WOWO): After a harsh winter, Hoosiers are excited to embrace the warm weather this summer, but emergency medical services say citizens must be careful. Hoosiers are reminded to be cautious of the dangers that heat in Indiana can cause. 

Water, shade and rest are three things that can help prevent heat illnesses and death. If Hoosiers are planning to attend outdoor events, they should be sure to drink as much water as possible and always have a first aid kit on hand. 

Terms like “excessive heat” or “extreme heat” are indicators of more than just uncomfortable weather; they also mean that humidity and temperature will both be extremely high. Body temperatures of 105 degrees Fahrenheit or higher should be closely monitored. 

Anyone suffering heat illnesses should be moved quickly into a shaded or cooler area to rest and given some water. If symptoms are uncontrollable, you're advised to call 911. The summer is approaching so enjoy, but don't forget about safety.

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