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12-year-old robbed while trick-or-treating in Brookside Estates neighborhood

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): Two twelve-year-old girls, Serena and Jadea, were wrapping up their trick-or-treating festivities Tuesday night, when suddenly a teenage boy came up from behind the girls and snatched Serena’s goodie-bag. Inside the bag was her cellphone.

“We had seen the kid around. It seemed like he went to the houses we went to…. The little girl that he was with, she was maybe eight or something, she came up and said she liked our costumes. She didn’t seem sincere so we said thanks and walked away,” said Serena. “The older kid then came up and tried to hit my bag out of my hand. He missed and I thought he just bumped into me, but he did it again and knocked my trick-or-treat bag to the ground (he took the bag) and my phone was in there.”

The girls were trick-or-treating in the Brookside Estates neighborhood. Serena’s mother, Stephanie Ahlborn, had given the girls a cellphone and stayed nearby in her vehicle. She knew something was wrong when the girls ran after the teenage boy.

“He got into the passenger seat and there was the littlest girl and another kid… but I don’t know if it was girl or boy, the kid was wearing a mask…  There was an older woman.  She was older than 40, she was white with shoulder-length blonde hair. She didn’t drive away right away… she looked at me and then drove away because the kid was like ‘drive,’” said Serena.

Ahlborn tried to get the license plate of the vehicle, but it was too late.

Jadea says she was able to get a good look at the older woman driving the vehicle. “The lady had quite heavy blue eyeshadow around her eyes, bad skin, a blue hoodie with blue jeans and a white t-shirt under her hoodie.”

Meantime Serena was able to describe the teenage boy. “He was maybe about 19, he was a darker mix. He had dreadlocks, pulled back into a pony-tail. He was wearing a black hoodie.”

The girls also described the vehicle as a dark red four-door car with a grey interior.

“I started freaking out and I was running after them, and I was screaming at the top of my lungs… I was screaming so loud that I wasn’t even making words,” said Serena.

Ahlborn said the vehicle took off down St. Joe Center Road. Since the incident, a report has been filed with the Fort Wayne Police Department and Ahlborn has posted on Brookeside Estate’s neighborhood watch page.

“There is actually a gentlemen in the neighborhood who has a security system at home. He is going through images to try and help us locate.”

So far no similar stories have surfaced, but if you know anything about this incident, or if you have heard of similar accounts, contact the Fort Wayne Police Department.

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