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BBB Warns of More Scams in Northern Indiana

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): The BBB is warning Indiana residents of more scams that are filtrating throughout the state.

According to a press release from the Better Business Bureau, people in northern Indiana have complained about voice mails that were supposedly left from the IRS. The call indicates the person is receiving an official IRS notice.  A lawsuit will be filed against them immediately if they do not call the number provided on the answering machine.

The BBB says the voice message is not coming from the IRS. One number is 253-656-4763, which has a Washington State area code.  The IRS will not call individuals regarding their tax returns and if there is an issue, an official letter will be sent. Also, no threats made of arrest, law suits or incarceration would be made by the IRS. These sorts of threats are used by imposters to trick people into giving them money, in order to “supposedly” make the IRS harassment problem go away. Should you have any questions or concerns about this call problem, contact the IRS at 800-829-1040.

There are two other scams reported in Northern Indiana. According to a press release,be careful of these scams:

“Notice of Reward” post cards
If you are receiving this post card below regarding an “unclaimed reward on your account,” think twice!  Consumers have reported calling the number given and also another number (844-230-3530) and are being told that for $1, this reward will be sent.  The catch is the $1 must be paid by credit card over the phone.  No other method of payment will be accepted, and the payment cannot be mailed.  THE BOTTOM LINE IS this company refuses to give its address, which is very suspicious.
Other reports made on this opportunity is that the companies mentioned “Wal-Mart and Target” do not endorse this and are unaware of this.
Always be careful giving out your credit card information and especially to an unknown source.  If the caller uses high-pressure tactics to try and entice you to give your credit card or banking account number immediately, that is a red flag.  The other red flag indicator is refusing to provide a company name and/or business address.  Should you receive one of these calls and have concerns, give us a call at 1.800.552.4631 or contact us via social media (Facebook and/or Twitter.)
Invoice from CPU Service, Inc. in Oklahoma City, OK

Have you received an invoice from this company? Read the fine print carefully. It states that it is not a bill but a proposal to make a purchase. The invoice is very misleading, and complaints have been received in regards to it. When the complaints are brought to the company's attention, they go unanswered.
Some of the complaints involve receiving this misleading bill in the first place. Others are saying that they never sought the services of this company, yet they receive this bill. Another complainant mentioned that the only form of accepted payment is through credit card, to be paid via fax or email. No physical address has ever been provided by this company nor are they registered with the Secretary of State.
Call BBB at 1.800.552.4631 if you are unsure.

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