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Congress Passes Bill To Keep Government Open Until November 17th

NDIANAPOLIS (WOWO) – Congress avoided a government shutdown on Saturday right as time was expiring to get a deal through both chambers and President Biden’s desk.

The spending plan essentially gives lawmakers an extension to work out a more long-term spending plan. This deal will keep the government open for 45-days and gives funding to all federal agencies that need it.

It also includes recovery money for places recently hit by natural disasters in the U.S. including areas along the east coast impacted by flooding from recent tropical storms and hurricanes.

Indiana’s delegation in Congress was mostly split on the plan. Representatives Jim Baird, Larry Buschon, Eric Houchin, Andre Carson, and Frank Mrvan voted in favor of the measure in the House. Victoria Spartz, Jim Banks, Greg Pence, and Rudy Yakym voted against it.

In the Senate, Todd Young was a “yes” and Mike Braun was a “no.”

“This deal has more money, actually more money than Nancy Pelosi gave to Biden, but doesn’t have a plan to deal with the country’s crushing debt,” Spartz said on All Indiana Politics. “(The debt) is a very important national security issue, but unfortunately Republicans didn’t have the backbone to put it forward.”

The plan has also eliminated any more financial support for Ukraine. Spartz, as someone born in Ukraine, said she is fine with that.

“Republicans are willing to support Ukrainian people fighting the war, but we also have to make sure we protect the American people,” she said.

Democrats are demanding that more aid for Ukraine be re-added to a long-term bill come November.

The spending plan has fuel the criticism from within his own party of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R). Rep. Matt Gaetz has renewed a push to garner support for his ousting at speaker. Spartz said she is “open-minded” on the idea of removing McCarthy.

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Slacker06 October 3, 2023 at 9:01 am

Our Republic is done. Take a moment are read Article I, Section 8, when the 18 enumerated powers of Congress can be found in our Constitution. Then compare that list to the VAST administrative state we have created for ourselves. Long ago when we actually lived by that list of powers it wouldn’t have matter at all if the federal government shut down for a few days or weeks. In fact, back in those days congress shut down for 6-months at a time. Yet the country survived. We have destroyed ourselves by thinking money is free as long as it comes from Washington. Yet they have no money except what they take from us in the form of taxes or simply borrow from our great grand-kids and their grand-kids kids. All the while we have a bought and paid for president by our erstwhile enemies and philosophical enemies. No one in Dc cares a bit about the lives they are dooming those grand-kids too way off in the future after those politicians are dead and gone.


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