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Court Hears Arguments in Indiana BMV Case

INDIANAPOLIS (WOWO): A Marion County Superior Court Judge is mulling over motions in the Indiana BMV case.

Judge John Hanley is taking attorney arguments made in court Wednesday under advisement. At issue is whether the BMV has been withholding information relating to overcharging Hoosiers millions of dollars in license and other fees.

Class Action lawsuit attorney Irwin Levin argued against the BMV‘s motion that aims to block media distribution of videotaped depositions in the case. BMV attorney Wayne Turner argued that press snippets and soundbites of depositions have been misleading to the public.

However, Levin argued the BMV already has a “checkered past” and that the press has a right to decide what the public should know. Levin added that the BMV has already admitted to “willfully overcharging” Hoosiers millions of dollars. Judge Hanley is also considering a contempt motion against the BMV.

Levin says BMV attorneys have been slow to produce more documents which he said amounts to “fraudulent concealment.”

The judge is also reviewing other motions in the case. BMV Commissioner Donald Snemis did not appear at the Wednesday hearing. Turner declined to talk to media after the hearing. 

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