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Fort Wayne’ Crime Rate Down More Than 14 Percent in 2014

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): Fort Wayne Mayor Tom Henry and Fort Wayne Police Department leaders issued a progress report Thursday afternoon, indicating that the City of Fort Wayne experienced an overall reduction in crime of more than 14 percent in 2014, highlighted by a 62.5 percent reduction in the number of homicides.

According to the report, robberies and burglaries were also down more than 20 percent as compared to 2013 numbers.

We’re fortunate to live in a community where we’re safe and can have open communication with officers and trust them to protect and serve,” said Mayor Henry. “Our public safety team is to be commended on a successful 2014. We have the utmost confidence in our officers and the work that they’re doing. We’re a model community for bringing people together and showing our support for our officers who serve and protect us each day.”

Mayor Henry and law enforcement officials also recapped public safety successes in 2014 and released their safety initiatives for 2015.

Highlights of public safety efforts in 2014:

*Homicides declined by 62.5 percent. The 12 homicides represented the lowest total in over 20 years.

*Burglaries dropped by 26 percent

*Robberies were down by 22 percent

*Property crimes dropped by 14.6 percent

*Violent crimes declined by 14 percent

*Larceny declined by 11 percent

*Assault dropped by 6 percent

*Vehicle thefts were down by 5.7 percent

*Overall crime declined by 14.5 percent

*Formation of the Gang and Violent Crimes Unit

*More open communication with residents

*15 officers graduated from the Fort Wayne Police Department Recruit Class

Highlights of initiatives for 2015:

*61st Fort Wayne Police Department Recruit Class is underway with 24 recruits

*Proactive efforts to enhance open communication and neighborhood outreach between police officers, residents, and businesses

*Continuation of Roundtable on Public Safety sessions

The City of Fort Wayne did experience challenges in the rape and arson categories. Rapes increased from 95 in 2013 to 104 in 2014. Arsons increased from 29 in 2013 to 45 in 2014.


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