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Fort Wayne man rejects excessive force lawsuit settlement, plans for trial

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO) – A Fort Wayne man has rejected an offer to settle an excessive force lawsuit filed nearly two years ago against the city and seven police officers, according to The Journal Gazette.

Dellis M. Baskin, 31, filed the lawsuit after he and a friend rode a motorcycle through a cloud of pepper spray back in July 2014. He says after stopping, a group of Fort Wayne officers told him to “watch out”.

The lawsuit says officers pushed Baskin’s friend off the motorcycle. The officers also noticed Baskin had a gun, for which he had a permit, and allegedly kneed him several times, used a stun gun on his leg and handcuffed him.

Baskin was taken to the hospital and claims he could not walk for several hours.

He was arrested and charged with two counts of misdemeanor resisting law enforcement, but was found not guilty in a jury trial in December 2015.

Baskin did not specify the amount offered for a settlement this week, but claims it is not enough. He would like at least six figures, or he will take the case to trial next month.

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John Rock March 14, 2018 at 12:36 am

Dellis Baskin probably deserved every bit of what happened. He probably provoked the police by mouthing off to them. This man threatens people with that same very gun. He thinks he’s a thug. He has a record, he had a residential entry with strangulation case dismissed back in Elkhart. He kicked in what was probablyba females door and strangled her then was able to get her to not press charges. This man claims he smarter than the law. He portrays himself as a gun toting rapper on his instagram on his latest post he is threatening another person on instagram where he is talking about kicking in his door. He actually made a post and tagged the guy in it, then took it down. Then put it back up with a picture of a character pointing a gun. This guy is bad news period. Hopefully the law can see right through this get rich scheme.


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