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Headwaters Park Alliance Finishes Tree Replanting

FORT WAYNE, Ind (WOWO):  After ten months, the tree canopy at Headwaters Park is completely restored following the devastating June 29, 2012 storm.  Winds gusting to 91 miles per hour were reported in Fort Wayne that day.  Damage to the park was estimated to be in the tens of thousands of dollars.

The Headwaters Park Alliance raised private dollars to manage the storm clean up and prepare the park for summer festivals. 

Geoff Paddock, Executive Director of the Headwaters Park Alliance, announced that final replanting of trees and additional landscaping took place during the past month.  He also said that taxpayers had not born any of the cost of the cleanup or tree purchases.

“The Alliance has spent over $60,000 to bring the park back after the devastating June 29 storm, and to refurbish flower gardens and other plantings” Paddock said.  “We thank many individuals for stepping up and contributing funds to help us with this project.  Thanks to their generosity, Fort Wayne taxpayers have not been charged with any of this cost,” Paddock said.  “This is one of the advantages of having the Alliance manage the park.  We have raised thousands of private dollars for a variety of projects.”

Along with that, Paddock pointed out that anyone can purchase a tree for just $500 and have a commemorative marker placed next to it.

“As Memorial Day approaches, this would be a perfect time to purchase a tree for a loved one.  A name and date and brief salutation can be part of the commemoration.  We can engrave up to 36 characters over three lines on a brick marker, which would be placed at the base of the tree.  This is a great way to recognize a relative or friend.” Paddock said.

Anyone interested in the tree project or in making a contribution to the Headwaters Park Alliance can call Geoff Paddock at 260/425-5745

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