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Pence mocked for new campaign video

Photo supplied/Gov. Mike Pence

STATEWIDE (Network Indiana) — Your former governor and former vice President Mike Pence shared a campaign ad on social media, presenting his “Pence Plan” for energy while pumping gas into a red pickup truck on Twitter. He invited viewers to “remember $2 a gallon gas” and denounced President Joe Biden’s “war on energy.”

Pence’s critics pointed out that he didn’t actually pay for the gas. You could hear a beeping in the background. Non-New Jersey residents must first pay for their gas with a credit card or cash.

Pence announced he qualified for the 2024 GOP presidential primary debate on Fox News in Milwaukee on August 23. Trump may not participate, but six other candidates, including Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, are expected to join.

“Hey, everybody. Mike Pence here,” he said in the video as he exited a red pickup truck and inserted the gas nozzle into his fuel tank. “Remember $2 a gallon gas? I do. Then, Joe Biden became president of the United States and launched his war on energy. Since that time, gasoline prices are up 60%; electricity prices are up 25%,” he says.

Pence unveiled his “Pence Plan” to make America the top energy producer by 2040 if elected president.

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Slcker06 August 10, 2023 at 9:21 am

Pence is an establishment republican/RINO/Democrat fraud. He will never be president or anything else.

Yeff August 10, 2023 at 3:28 pm

Pence is an idiot! Out of touch and he stabbed Trump in the back. He failed to do his duty when the vote count was conducted in January 2021. Mike Pence is a coward! He has some nerve even running for President after the way he turned on Trump. I lost any and all respect for Pence and consider him a RINO fraud.


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