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Young calls for less political “tribalism”

(Caleb Hatch/WOWO News)

INDIANAPOLIS (Network Indiana): Indiana U.S. Senator Todd Young says we all need to lower the temperature of political debates.

In an address to the Economic Club of Indiana yesterday, Young warned that resentment has curdled into an increased political “tribalism,” in which both parties have given up on even trying to listen or appeal to voters on the other side.

“The great attraction to tribal politics is it involves very little thought to participate,” Young said. “All you have to know is what side you’re on. That’s it.”

Young said it’s time to “shout less and listen more,” even to those you disagree with. He also warned the American tradition of self-government is at risk from a rise in people isolating and not interacting with their communities as much, which has mixed with other forces — globalization, the tech revolution, the rise of China, the declining rural population — to leave many parts of the country feeling resentful of what they view as a “rigged” system.

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Tribalism is forced: Democrats = detached from reality November 9, 2021 at 10:30 am

Young, your failure to recognize the ideology of Democrats is why you will get primaried next election. You are out-of-touch with the people of Indiana and what is happening in America today.

Republicans are pro-America and Pro-individual Freedom/Constitution.

Today’s Democrats are no longer the Democrats of JFK…MLK would be cancelled if he were alive today and given his famous speech.

They are the Democrats of Karl Marx or Adolph Hitler, and I’m not going to sit there and have someone (Democrats) tell me I need to give up my freedoms for whatever reason. I’m not going to have someone constantly Lie about Democrat Policies and try to convince me that Leaving our people behind in Afghanistan was following Trumps plan, shutting down a pipeline before winter is a good idea (for any reason), mandating vaccines is constitutional while giving manufacturers legal protection, keeping the murderer Dr. Fauci in his position, teaching kids to be racist (CRT), paying people to stay home, passing multi trillion $ Budgets for social programs, constantly attack a dually elected President with ACTUAL PROVEN CONSPIRACIES, Mass election Fraud while lying about the videos displaying it and the State reports acknowledging it, defunding the police is a good idea, or even that I’m Racist/bigoted/homophobe/etc if I don’t agree with them….because it’s just bunch of NAZI CRAP and doesn’t even pass the sniff test!!

The day that Democrats will stop drinking the Woke Koolaid which means living in reality, acknowledge facts, stop lying and stop shouting down people is the day that we can have a discussion.

Slacker06 November 9, 2021 at 11:58 am

Young is a professional Bozo. We need more Patriotic American tribalism not less. Democrats and many RINOs have joined the Marxist tribe or any other tribe that is anti-American. Todd is a RINO. When people living in the swamp won’t stand for something they will kneel for anything, usually the wrong thing. There is much talk about the American Dream. There will be no American Dream under the Marxist utopian democrats say they want. Young is part of the Uni-Party Klan. Primary him with a true patriot who loves America, her Constitution, and her flag. Rip Van Todd just woke up from a 4.5 year nap because it is his re-election season. I won’t vote for a democrat but I won’t pull the lever for Young either. He may be former military. But like most all former military that live and work in the swamp he and they all forgot the sacred oath of office they took. When was the last time, or maybe the first time, he took action to SECURE RIGHTS?

Rachel November 9, 2021 at 6:25 pm

I just love getting lectures from crappy politicians…

“One day I hope you see the truth, this puppet show stays on because of you fools.”

Pat November 10, 2021 at 11:15 am

Young follows in the footsteps of his mentor Richard Lugar, seeing weakness as a virtue.


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