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Peter Tork, bassist and singer from the Monkees dies at age 77

NATIONWIDE (WOWO) – Peter Tork, former bassist, guitarist and singer for the 1960’s group, The Monkees, died Thursday, February 21 at age 77 of unknown causes according to Rolling Stone.

Tork had been diagnosed with a rare tongue caner in 2009 and was said to have made a full recovery.  He went on to tour with the remaining Monkees in 2012 through 2016.

In the beginning stages of the Monkees, Tork played a character that was somewhat dimwitted on the television show, however he was quite the opposite.  The Monkees show ran for two seasons and recorded a total of 58 episodes and one movie.

In the later years Tork toured with Mickey Dolenz and Davy Jones.  After the death of Davy Jones, Mike Nesmith toured with Tork and Dolenz.

The Monkees completed a total of 13 albums. Tork himself recorded one solo album, three albums with James Stanley Lee and four albums with Shoe Suede Blues.  Tork was an accomplished singer, songwriter, artist, activist and multi-instrumentalist.


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